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Not only does Sprouts offer top-quality fresh fruits and vegetables, they also provide homegrown, flavorful, meats with NO food colorings, water or additives! Now you can get everything you need for dinner in one stop!


We take pride in selling top quality, flavorful beef! Our herd of purebred Black Angus cattle has been bred specifically for the best carcass merit - giving you well marbled and tender cuts of meat. Grass-fed, non-GMO, and steroid free - you'll be impressed with the great tasting quality of our beef cuts. We also take orders (butchering in June - September) for whole, half, or quarter beef so you can stock your freezers for the entire year!


Just like the ones grandma used to raise! Our broilers are moved daily to fresh pasture where they enjoy the grass and bugs.​ They are supplemented with a non-GMO feed blend. These birds are tender, juicy, and flavorful with a slightly darker meat and richer yellow fat then you will find in the grocery store!


Here on the farm, our pigs are living the good life with space to run and root around! They enjoy the daily leftover produce from the farm all summer long and a non-GMO corn blend in the winter. And of course, they are hormone​ and steroid free! Enjoy our flavorful pork and check out our line of specialty sausages!

All of our meats are processed at USDA inspected facilities.

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